Some things that make us different:

Venn Construction was born from a national contractor with a highly diverse portfolio. Skyline staple projects including arenas, commercial office towers, aquatic centers and sporting facilities, medical centers and MOB’s round out their extensive experience.

Brutal Honesty (Value Engineering)

With executive leadership growing into their roles over many years of field and management experience, the overall constructability of a project will be developed with a keen eye for realistic timeframes and financial outcomes. We’ll tell you the truth even when it hurts.

In Healthcare – We’ve Seen It All

This market is growing and changing so rapidly, clients are seeking contractors that can build many different types of medical facilities over a short period, including MOB’s, outpatient clinics, urgent care, therapeutic and rehabilitation, community care centers, and multi-building healthcare campuses. Venn has experience in every healthcare facility type to provide the fast and efficient delivery of your project without any delays in delicate equipment delivery, electrical and communications systems and grand opening deadlines.



Building for an Epic User Experience

Some of our unique project resumes include sporting and entertainment facilities that we compartmentalize into smaller, intricate retail experiences that cater to their customer user-experience demand, with everything from nightclub-like virtual shooting ranges to ice arenas. Our work providing the ultimate user experience makes us the best fit for your never-done-before facility.


Venn has implemented some of the highest technology security systems for tenants including indoor gun ranges, banks, secured-access commercial towers and more. You can trust Venn to have your tenant’s security in mind when developing and reviewing your facility’s design.

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